About Arvy

Arvy Villamarzo has tried all sorts of weight loss methods for almost 20 years. These included different diets (Blood Type Diet, The Zone Diet, high protein and low carb diets), different exercise programs (PACE, some commercially available exercise videos, and programs designed by gym instructors), and even some drastic measures such as tumescent liposuction. What he has discovered is that while these may work, your weight will inevitably go back to a certain set point if you do not adopt a healthy lifestyle. Worse, some of these methods might leave you looking old and tired. More than anything else, we want weight loss results that leave us looking more attractive, instead of making us look emaciated.

After meeting a group of experts on the raw food diet, Arvy's weight dropped from 170 lbs. to 136 lbs in just two months. Instead of just being thin, he says that he's now FLESHY (Fit, Lean, Energetic, Sexy, Healthy, and Youthful). Beyond the obvious physical changes, an unexpected benefit of living on raw food is the mental clarity and emotional stability that arises when your body is nourished by living food. Having experienced this, he now wants to let people know how they too can live life with vitality.

At age 39, Arvy has never been healthier. He's the living proof that one can be FLESHY living on a raw vegan diet.

For questions, email him at arvy@me.com

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