Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Raw Food Weight Loss - How do I lose weight fast with a raw food diet

Raw Food Weight Loss is all about losing weight fast by being a raw foodist.

While a lot of people have tried being vegetarian, or at least know someone who is vegetarian, there seems to be some mystery surrounding the idea of being a raw foodist. A raw foodist is someone who eats uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. It is not about eating raw fish or raw meat. Raw vegan is another way of calling a raw foodist.

People like Anthony Robbins, Jason Mraz, Demi Moore, and Woody Harrelson are raw foodists. They have healthy bodies that show exactly what one can get by eating raw, living food. But beyond the obvious  physical changes, living on raw food brings you mental clarity and emotional stability. The physical, mental and emotional transformation that happens when you eat raw living food makes it possible for you to live a truly extraordinary life.

Simply losing weight is a goal that pales in comparison to living a full and vibrant life, made possible by being FLESHY (Fit, Lean, Energetic, Healthy, and Youthful). Some severe diets leave us looking old and tired. Instead of becoming more attractive, crash diets may end up making us look even worse than when we were a bit heavier. A much more worthy goal is that of being FLESHY. 

Here's how we can achieve that:

1.  Be very clear with your fitness goals

2.  Eliminate whatever might hinder you from getting that

3.  Create the structure that would give you the body that you want

4.  Detox

5.  Transition to a raw food diet

Be very clear with your fitness goals

How much do you really want to weigh? What would be your ideal waist line? What clothes would you want to be able to wear? What would your blood pressure be? Will you be thin, lean, or muscled?

Before anything else, hold a picture in your mind of what you would want your body to look like. If you are not clear with what you want, it would be very difficult to achieve it.

Eliminate whatever might hinder you from getting that

Come on, deep down, you know what's sabotaging your weight loss efforts. It could be your love for desserts, your habit of having just a little too much to drink, your lack of sleep, your "healthy" appetite, or your food choices. Until you are determined to eliminate whatever might be hindering you from getting what you want, then all your efforts will just go to waste.

Let's say what's stopping you from getting the body that you want is your love for food. You love to eat salty and greasy food in spite of the fact that you know it's bad for you. Just ask yourself why you don't want to let go of that kind of diet. What could you be getting from eating that kind of food? What might stop you from trying raw food weight loss diets?

Create the structure that would give you the body that you want

What do I mean by structure?

Are you the type of person who needs to be reminded to eat healthy? Who will do that, when will they do that, and how will they do that?

Do you have the time to prepare healthy meals? How much time will you allocate every week going to the market to shop for fresh ingredients, making your meals, and bringing them to work or wherever you might need to go?

Is your budget set up in such a way that you have the funds to purchase some essential kitchen tools such as a high-powered blender, a dehydrator or a juicer?

When I say structure, what I'm referring to are the circumstances in your life that are creating the body that you currently have. If you work on creating or redesigning your habits, routines, budget, support system and schedule, then the body that you want will naturally arise from the new structure that you have created.


Let's say you're done with the first 3 steps. You're now ready to take action to get the body of your dreams. The next step is to detox.

If you look at someone with a really hot body, what you see are the curves, the muscles, and the taut skin. What you don't see is that their kidneys, liver, and colon are functioning properly to support their healthy lifestyle. Without healthy internal organs, a FLESHY body is just not possible.

There are many ways to detox and this probably deserves a whole new blog just to talk about the different ways of removing toxins from your body. However, we will focus specifically on the kind of detox that complements a raw food weight loss program.

Transition to a raw food diet

After detoxing, you wouldn't want to go back to your old salty and greasy meals. But at the same time, you're probably not ready to eat like a yogi who lives in the Himalayas. What you need is a diet that gives you the live enzymes that come from eating uncooked fruits and vegetables AND yet, tastes just like the food that you're used to.

You might begin by going to restaurants that serve healthy raw vegan food. But even better than that, it would work if you knew how to prepare your own food.

Let's say you like pizza and yet you know that the high carb dough and the cheese won't really support your fitness goals. The challenge now is how to prepare meals that are raw vegan and yet taste like the fast food that you're used to. You'll need to arm yourself with a lot of raw vegan recipes that are good for you. 

If you don't know a thing about food preparation, it would be best to take short courses on food preparationIf you know how to prepare your own food, this could spell the difference between quitting and really adopting a raw food weight loss diet permanently.

This blog intends to guide you through the different steps to get you that body that you've always dreamed of. To move from simply dreaming about it to actually having it, you will need to take action. 

I will share with you the challenges that I encountered along the way. Someone who has experienced these challenges will be in a better position to guide you to hurdles the same challenges yourself, sparing you the trial and error along the way.

What you need to do and how you need to do it will all be covered in this blog to support your raw food weight loss.

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