Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weight loss exercises - Do I need to exercise even though I'm eating raw food

Weight loss exercises - do I need these to lose weight even if I'm already eating raw vegan food?
The word "exercise" is loaded with a lot of meaning or emotional charge for a lot of people who don't exercise. Many negative associations come up, and mostly these are the reasons why they don't exercise - not enough time, it hasn't worked before, I'm too tired to exercise, I don't know where to begin, I get sick when I exercise, etc.
For people who don't exercise regularly, the reasons cited above make sense. They have perfectly valid reasons why they don't exercise. Truth is, no one has to exercise. The moment you "have to" do something, it stops being fun. You don't have to exercise, but you could, if you want to get results faster.
Instead of waiting for several months to see results, you might start noticing that your pants are getting loose in a matter of days or weeks. You start seeing your jawline and cheek bones after a week or two. You begin to feel a little more energetic, and you find that you feel more refreshed upon waking up. These are the results that could actually motivate you to exercise some more.
But for most people, the real challenge is starting to exercise. How do you push yourself to do something that you don't even feel like doing in the first place? 

1. Ask yourself what form of exercise you might enjoy.

2. Look around and see where you might do this exercise.

3. Look at your closet and see if you have something to wear.

4. Ask your friends to see if they would want to join you.

Ask yourself what form of exercise you might enjoy.
Some people think that exercise is boring, specially when they see people staying on treadmills for an hour or more. You do not need to spend hours on treadmill. Would you rather swim instead? Do you enjoy playing tennis or badminton? Do you enjoy riding a bike? Have you ever thought of learning karate or capoeira? Initially, what matters is just to pick one, any one, that you think you will enjoy. It has to be enjoyable for you.

Look around and see where you might do this exercise
The gym is not the only place to work out at. For people who don't have the time, money, or inclination to sign up for a gym membership, see if you can start right at home. Maybe you can start by getting an inexpensive rebounder and just jump up and down for 10 minutes. Or maybe you can jog around the block when you wake up. There is no need to spend a single cent to begin exercising right now. 

Look at your closet and see if you have something to wear
I find it to be a bit humorous that some people hesitate to start exercising because they have nothing to wear. Really, this is just an excuse. You can lie down on the floor wearing your pajamas and start doing crunches long before everyone else wakes up. Or if you really must have a complete outfit, there's a sale happening somewhere almost every week, and this would be a great time to shop for clothes. 

Ask your friends to see if they would want to join you
For some people, it's easier to start if they have someone to kick their butt. Find out if your spouse or some other family member would be interested to run with you, or maybe swim a few laps with you, or maybe even just go up and down the stairs a couple of times with you.

Weight loss exercises need not be complicated. They need not be expensive. There is no need to invest in a home gym or buy an expensive piece of do-it-all equipment that you see on home TV shopping.

The important thing is, to borrow Nike's tagline, is to "just do it".

When you start eating raw food, your body will begin to detoxify. All the live enzymes you've been introducing into your system will start doing their job of cleaning out the junk from your body. When you exercise, you naturally start to sweat. This helps your body to get rid of the toxins that are flowing out of your fat cells. 

Being on a raw food diet is the perfect complement to doing a couple of weight loss exercises.


  1. I should go back to 80% raw food. :)

  2. Hmmm you can give it a try though. Exercise I mean :P